The Queensland Beekeepers’ Association Inc (QBA) is a voluntary based Association with one employee, the Secretary.  The Association’s ability to work effectively for all beekeepers and beekeeping in Queensland relies on unity and strength of membership by all of Queensland’s beekeepers.

Why Membership Matters

Everyone who keeps one beehive or more in Queensland is bound to certain Codes, Rules and Regulations, some nationally, some state, and some are local Council by-laws.  The QBA continually works with all these bodies to ensure beekeeping will always remain available and viable for all – the hobbyist, part-time or commercial beekeeper.

Membership support is needed by all Queensland beekeepers.  Finance through membership assists QBA in protecting and improving beekeeping in Queensland and, in these endeavours, assists in giving a united voice to Governments, stakeholders, the media and the general public .

There are a number of Membership levels to suit every beekeeper or enterprise, starting at $50.00 per year and Membership Applications can be completed online.

Benefits of Membership

A QBA Member has:
  • A united voice for industry in Queensland.
  • Access to industry information.
  • Contacts within state and local government and other pivotal stakeholders.
  • A network of experienced beekeepers.
  • Updated information via emails and webinars.
  • The opportunity to have their voice heard when important and pivotal industry decisions are being made.
  • The right to vote on important matters at the AGM that sets the direction of QBA for future years.
  • Member rates for attendance at the annual conference.
The QBA:
  • Assists in providing and supporting Queensland’s Bee Biosecurity Officer.
  • Gives a common body for the media, public and members to receive credible and reliable information.
  • Writes submissions to inquiries to inform and influence policies to benefit industry members.
  • Is involved and supports various research projects which brings information and assistance to members.
  • Protects Queensland’s honey bee population from exotic bee pests and diseases through support of the National Bee Pest Surveillance Program.
  • Works on behalf of all Queensland beekeepers.

Membership Fees

QBA Membership runs from 1st May to 30th April annually. Membership is based on how many hives you run, starting at $50 per year. There is an associated number of votes which are used at the AGM. There is also an option of no vote should you just wish to support the Association. Follow the link to learn more.


The rules we are governed by can be accessed through this link and are underpinned by the Associations Incorporated Act 1981 . These rules are also available as part of the membership application process.

What Our Members Say About Us

Ellen Petersen

Being a member of the QBA is my way of helping to support the association’s tireless efforts to ensure a viable apiculture industry in Queensland, which in turn positively impacts Australian agriculture as a whole.

- QBA Member, Jessica Berry.

John Doe

Membership with the QBA allows me to be actively involved in shaping the future of beekeeping in Australia.

- QBA Member, Rob Dewar.

Jacob Stevens

Membership allows me to stay informed about matters that influence my industry and my beekeeping operation.

- QBA Member, Jacob Stevens.

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Get in Touch

We encourage members of the public to connect with the QBA via email. One of our friendly team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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