Current Events

Bee Biosecurity OnLine Talks
Qld Bee Biosecurity Officer
Dr Rebecca Laws

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These talks cover many interesting and important biosecurity and bee husbandry issues and topics
with information for all beekeepers whether owning one hive, several hives, hundreds or thousands of hives.

All Biosecurity Talks can be accessed on YouTube

To receive information on all new, upcoming biosecurity talks,
contact BBO Officer, Rebecca Laws
to be included on the email list for notification

 Past talks include information on:

Bee Biosecurity Code of Practice
Bee Pests & Diseases
Hive Husbandry
Record Keeping
Crop Pollination & Apiary Management
Bee Swarms & Swarming
Moving Bees & Bee Products Interstate

Preparing Hives for Spring
Submitting Samples for Disease Testing
Barrier Systems
Pests & Diseases in Native Bees
Barrier Systems

The Biosecurity OnLine Training Course (BOLT) is
FREE for all Australian Beekeepers

Yearly Events

May 20


QBA Annual Conference


QBA Honey Court at Brisbane Ekka


Apimondia – biennial world beekeeping conference