Queensland Beekeepers’ Association Inc

The Queensland Beekeepers’ Association Inc (QBA) is a voluntary based Association with one employee, the Secretary.  The Association’s ability to work effectively for all beekeepers and beekeeping in Queensland relies on unity and strength of membership by all of Queensland’s beekeepers.

Everyone who keeps one beehive or more in Queensland is bound to certain Codes, Rules and Regulations, some nationally, some state, and some are local Council by-laws.  The QBA continually works with all these bodies to ensure beekeeping will always remain available and viable for all – the hobbyist, part-time or commercial beekeeper. 

Membership support is needed by all Queensland beekeepers.  Finance through membership assists QBA in protecting and improving beekeeping in Queensland and, in these endeavors, assists in giving a united voice to Governments, stakeholders, the media and the general public .  

There are a number of Membership levels to suit every beekeeper or enterprise, starting at $50.00 per year and Membership Applications can be completed online.

Membership Application

The Membership  Join us  button is found at the bottom of the page of this “online” link

Membership falls due
1st May each year

Some QBA Activities and Benefits of Membership

  • gives an united voice for the industry in Queensland
  • members receive a wide access to industry information
  • gives contacts within state and local government and other pivotal stakeholders
  • assists in providing and supporting Queensland's Bee Biosecurity Officer
  • gives a common body for the media, the public and members to receive credible and reliable information
  • submissions to inquiries informs and influences better policies to benefit industry members
  • receive updated information via Newsletters and Member emails
  • the Association's involvement in and support of various research projects brings information and assistance to members
  • protection of Queensland's honey bee population from exotic bee pests and diseases through support of the National Bee Pest Program
  • an opportunity to have your voice heard when important and pivotal industry decisions are being made
  • the right to vote on important matters at the AGM that sets the direction of QBA for future years
  • become part of a likeminded community for the protection and advancement of the beekeeping industry in Queensland
  • a Conference is held annually bringing updated and relevant industry information through forums, guest speakers, researchers, Government Departments and other relevant bodies on beekeeping in Queensland, Australia and the world.