Biosecurity Online Training Course (BOLT)

As part of the
Biosecurity Code of Practice
beekeepers with 50 or more hives must demonstrate a minimum level of knowledge of pest and disease identification and management.

This can be through an approved pest and disease management course such as the relevant competency unit in the Certificate III in Beekeeping Course (Manage pest & diseases within a honey bee colony) or through
the BeeAware or Plant Health Australia (PHA) website.

The BOLT Course
explains why biosecurity is important, describes the main threats to honey bees, how to check hives for signs of pests and diseases, provides advice on keeping honey bees healthy and how to care for them in accordance with the Australian Honey Bee Code of Practice

Biosecurity On Line Training (BOLT) for Beekeeping can be found on the BeeAware webite or Plant Health Australia website

    Registered Beekeepers
 This BOLT Course is FREE for all Australian beekeepers. 

Once on the login page for the BOLT Course, there are a few simple steps to enrol before accessing and completing the course.

Further help in getting started is available in a step by step guide in the
Biosecurity for Beekeepers fact sheet.