Video topics covered on this website include:

  * What is honey biosecurity?
  * National Bee Biosecurity Program & Code of Practice
  * National Bee Pest Surveillance Program
  * Introduction to the bee parasitic mite Varroa destructor
  * Varroa – spread, life cycle, population growth, effects on bees & beekeeping, inspections & control options

  * How AFB can spread
  * Inspecting a hive for AFB
  * How to recognize AFB
  * Collecting cell and bee samples
  * How to burn a hive
  * Lab testing for AFB

  * Selecting an apiary site
  * Re-queening a honey bee colony
  * Providing a pollination service
  * Constructing and repairing bee hives
  * Artificial insemination (AI) of queen bees

  * Staying safe around bees
  * Why do bees sting?
  * What should beekeepers do to avoid being stung?
  * Steps to take when stung by a bee
  * How does a smoker actually calm bees?
  * How can reactions to bee stings become more severe over time?
  * How can beekeepers select less aggressive bees for the backyard hive?

AgriFutures Australia

Resources for all beekeepers in all
States and Territories

On the AgriFutures Website, go to RESOURCES on the menu tab
Video topics covered on this website include: 

* Beekeeping on Public Land

* Managing Hives:
seasonal management
  – fire safety
  – barrier systems
  – queen bees
  – feeding bees 

* Pests and Diseases:
 – varroa
  – small hive beetle
  – chalkbrood
  – nosema
  – wax moth
  – American foulbrood
  – Asian bees


* Honey:
– candied & comb honey – testing

* Policy & Compliance for every beekeeper 
National Honey Levy
 – B-QUAL ->Quality assurance program for ALL honey sales    
 – BOLT ->biosecurity online training.  FREE for ALL Australian beekeepers

* Pollination

* Registration

NSW DPI Agriculture

Video topics covered on this website include:
(scroll down to find the beekeeping videos) 

* Identifying American foulbrood
* Bushfire Recovery – Hive management after fire
* Destroying bee colonies with soapy water
* Examining bee hives for disease 
Management strategy for American foulbrood
* Making an American foulbrood disease slide
* Screen bottom boards project for bee hives
* Small Hive Beetle and control devices
* Irradiating hives
* How to sugar shake bees
* Young farmers business project

Tocal College NSW

Video topics covered on this website include:

* Introduction to Beekeeping
  – the hive
  – the smoker
  – inspection and management

 * Honey Harvest
  – removing honey from the hive
  – extracting the honey
  – biosecurity for honey products

 * Queen Bees
  – adding a queen bee & requeening a hive

* Pests & Diseases
  – American foulbrood disease
  – wax moth
  – nosema
  – external parasites
  – management tool

* Swarms
 – catching

* Package Bees
 – checking & installing into the hive