Bee Biosecurity Online Talks

Rebecca Laws Bee Biosecurity Officer Qld


Dr Rebecca Laws

currently on leave
as Queensland’s Bee Biosecurity Officer

All past presentations can be viewed on YouTube

Bee Biosecurity Talks

Presented since May 2020
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(1) Good Bee Biosecurity
(2) Bee Brood Diseases
(3) Mites and External Parasites
(4) How to Submit Samples for Diseases Testing
(5) How to Comply with the Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice
(6) Management of Ants, Wax Moths and Hive Beetles
(7) Note Taking and Record Keeping for Beekeepers
(8) Good Hive Husbandry Practices
(9) Getting Your Hive Ready for Spring

(10) Taking your bees or bee products interstateĀ 
(11) Biosecurity, pests and diseases of native beesĀ 
(12) Apiary management for crop pollination
(13) Less common bee viruses
(14) Swarms and swarming
(15) Barrier Systems
(16) Supplementary Feeding & American Foulbrood Disease
(17) Nosema
(18) Hive Surveillance Program