Conditions and regulations for living and working with COVID-19 are changing rapidly, often daily and changes often major.

August saw the mass migration of beehives to almond pollination in NSW and Victoria. Some 200,000 hives were taken to this year’s almond pollination with several beekeepers travelling from Queensland.  This event is for only a few weeks each year, from the time when hives are moved on and moved off the almonds.  Beekeepers then take their hives to a floral resource to rebuild and restrengthen their hives.  

With COVID-19 border restrictions, this year proved a challenge for this mass migration to happen seamlessly and without incidents at border crossings.

Over many weeks of regular meetings with State Departments, national and state beekeeping associations, the Almond Industry and beekeepers, successful plans and strategies were put into action that allowed this transportation and border crossings to occur successfully with as little difficulty and disruption as possible for all involved.  

The Queensland Beekeepers Association was been part of this regular and demanding consultation with QBA members receiving detailed and up-to-date “member emails” with all information, requirements or changes as soon as they became available. 

Much of this information was posted on the website of the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC), but QBA Members received more Queensland specific and detailed information through their QBA Membership online web page.