Honey Month poster-with May only

Local was the emphasis for this year’s Honey Month in Queensland

Throughout Queensland during the month of May many towns and communities were be ALIVE and ABUZZ with honey bee events and displays.

Honeybees are both fascinating and important pollinators to the food we eat every day and our nation’s food security.  There were many beekeepers and beekeeping groups throughout Qld who participated in activities and events for Honey Month where they gave of their wealth of knowledge of the fascinating, clever and essential work of the humble honey bee.


Some of the 2016 Honey Month activities in Queensland included:

  • Local Shopping Centres – displays with beekeepers present with information and equipment
  • Local Libraries – beekeeping talks and displays
  • Local Radio – interviews with local beekeepers
  • Local Newspapers –  interviews and stories with local beekeepers, with growers who depend on honeybee pollination and honey recipes and tips
  • Local Shows – displays and information at Beekeeping Stands
  • Local Events – displays, talks and information sessions at local events such as Garden Shows, Markets, etc
  • Community Groups – local beekeepers gave talks to some of their local community groups
  • Honey Recipe Books – local business promoted and sold QBA “Cooking with Honey” Recipe books
  • Practical Days – provided by experienced beekeepers and groups, especially for local residents who are new to beekeeping and those who would like to keep bees for pleasure
  • Beekeeping Groups – “special” Honey Month monthly meeting during May with a greater emphasis on, and presentations in, all things honey.

Visit the Valley Bees to see the extensive array of Honey Month activities they had.




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