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EKKA  – Brisbane Royal Show

Friday 9th – Sunday 18th August 2018

Apiculture Competition  –  Entries close Friday 5th July 2019

See Competition details and important dates on the Ekka website

Saturday 3rd August  – This year’s Ekka begins with judging the entries in the Ekka Apiculture Competition

There are just a few more days remaining to lodge an Entry Form in this competition.  Entries are to be delivered to the Ekka grounds on Saturday 3rd August (between 8am and 9am) for judging on that day.

Your entries will help make this year’s display of honey and apiary products a great showcase for all who come to the Ekka.

HONEY COURT at the Ekka

The Queensland Beekeepers Association will be at the Ekka again this year at the Honey Court in the Agricultural Pavilion.

There will be plenty to see and do with –

  • Free honey tasting
  • Demonstrations with live bees, extracting honey, making bee boxes and frames and making a hand cream
  • Selling of honey, beeswax and products made from the products of the hive, such as hand and face creams, lip balms, furniture and leather creams, candles and much more.
  • Selling Honey Mead, both tastings and in bottles

Qld Country Women’s Association & Honey Bees

The Queensland Country Women’s Association has chosen “Honey” as the Agri-product to study throughout 2019.  Many beekeepers have already been privileged to attend a CWA Branch and talk about “all things bees”.

To be part of this exciting partnership during 2019, contact a Branch nearby.  This can be found at, add your postcode to reveal all Branches nearby.  Their Country Kitchens tab/Resources/Product of the Year has interesting information.




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